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Why Us

We have a network of certified and experienced personal trainers ,aerobics instructors and other fitness professionals, in any case you are not comfortable training with any of our trainers due to any reasons, you have the freedom to change for a new trainer before the training package ends. There will be a co-coordinator whom you can look for if a change is needed. In this case you can be assured that you are training with a trainer whom you are comfortable and happy training with.

However, we would like you to try out with the same trainer for at least 2-3 times before you decide to make a change. Sometimes, it takes a while to build the "chemistry" between trainees and trainers.

Here are some of our certification where we are from

  • NYP-Sport & Wellness Management
  • ACSM-American College of Sports Medicine
  • ACE-American Council on Exercise
  • AFPA-American Fitness Professionals and Associates
  • FISAF-Federation International Sports Aerobics and Fitness
  • SSC-Singapore Sports Council

And we believe in:

  • Lifelong commitment towards better health and fitness
  • Empowering individuals to achieve fitness goals through education and guidance

And our objectives are:

  • To impart knowledge of habits essential to a healthy lifestyle
  • To enhance self-esteem through participation in a wide range of physical activities
  • To improve the sports performance of students
  • To develop an understanding of healthy weight loss and weight gain programs
  • To develop a basic understanding of nutrition
  • To encourage the setting of personal goals and appropriate plans to achieve these goals