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Yoga Dance is a new yoga routine that is exclusive to ezfit! The unique routine is also known as Vinyasa Flow. Participants will learn and develop the ability to move naturally from one posture to another in an uninterrupted stream of poses. Thus, uniting the mind, body, breath and creative intelligence. The essence of the dance is to support the flow of the moves with our body and mind so that we may fully appreciate the joy of simply being alive.
Gentle Yoga
A very gentle, slow and flowing style of yoga that emphasizes breathing & relaxation techniques, while improving muscle strength & control, posture, balance, flexibility and mental awareness. Suitable for older participants and those with no previous experience with yoga.
A martial art style disciplines with an addictive mix of kickboxing, tai chi, karate, & self defense routines that will leave you feeling strong, energized & confident
Baisc Pilates
Pilates leads to better posture, improved flexibility, increased overall strength, better balance, joint stability and improved focus through basic mat work exercises. Suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.
Conditioning your body using your own body weight with a mixture of cardio dance moves to a new height of body endurance! Do expect a lot of static in your moves!
Please note: Routine and chorography of the classes varies from different instructors