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My husband and I have engaged ezfit as our personal trainer for the last 6 months. Our personal trainer made different exercises regiments for our specific needs. He is both professional and friendly. The exercises are varied and very effective. We are seeing good results already and look forward to our sessions with him every week. We would recommend our personal trainer to anyone who would like to keep fit and look good.

Patricia and Harold

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for helping me to tone up my body and at the same time help me to lose weight after extensive personal traininig. If not for your constant encouragement and patience, I believe I wont be able to achieve my goals today.

Last but not least, my trainer is indeed very professional, experienced, efficient and talented one who show great interests in whatever he do.


Lina Boen

Gary came highly recommended to me from our couple friend who are serious about fitness. I always believed in exercise as the way to good health but did not have the energy or the motivation to do it along side with a very demanding job.

I started training with Gary once a week on the weekend. I followed this routine for a few weeks. I did not see visible results except that I felt more energetic to carry out my daily activities, which was a GREAT thing for someone like me who was managing a hectic job with full household responsibilities.

A month later I took a break from my job. I had more time at my hand. I increased the training sessions to twice a week and did cardio on my own at least two to three times a week as per Gary's instructions. I also followed the diet that Gary suggested.

After about 4 months of this regime, I achieved fabulous, rather unexpected results. My BMI reduced from moderate level to 'optimum'. I lost 800gms in weight, but lost 3.5 inches from my waist and accordingly from my hips and thighs. My body looked toned and my arms which were rather thin looked shapely. Overall I felt fitter, more energetic and good about myself.

Of course, then there were my friends and acquaintances who poured complements over me. I realized that I had not felt that good for a long time in my life.

Thanks Gary.

Anjali (Mother of 2)

Gary is a brilliant personal trainer. It is fantastic working with him on a 1to 1 basis. His personality and humour gives me just the push I need to see great results.

Thank you!

Nick West

I have always hated the idea of having a personal coach, a personal trainer or a personal instructor of any sorts as I hate to be told constantly what I should or should not do. However, late last year, my blood pressure and my weight began to give me problems - they were difficult to control. I knew I needed more exercise. That was how I started training with Gary.

Surprisingly, despite my initial resistance, I find working out with Gary fun and enjoyable and most importantly, very effective. After less than a month with him, I managed to keep my blood pressure and weight under control. I felt energized and full of life. Friends began to compliment me on how good and slim I look. I had my full blood test recently and my doctor was extremely happy with all the results. Gary is an excellent trainer and I have been recommending him to friends.

Doreen Liu
Managing Director
World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Entrepeneur of the Year 1990

"Throughout my 6 months of fun training with my personal trainer, my fitness has improved tremendously; my blood pressure has lowered and blood cholesterol has reduced..."
I used to weigh a hefty 92kg and always felt lethargic and unfit all the time. Being obese, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and hypertension and at risk of heart diseases. I also realized that I suffered from lower back pain because of my body weight. That's when I decided to change my lifestyle by starting with exercising.

I had never been to the gym and was at a loss as to how to get myself started. After much consideration I decided to engage in personal training to help me get started. With professional guidance and motivation, I lost 10kg and my health improved during my 6 months of fun training. Yes, it is fun training with my personal trainer.

Throughout my 6 months of fun training with my personal trainer, my fitness has improved tremendously; my blood pressure has lowered and blood cholesterol has reduced. My metabolic rate has also increased, which means that I burn more calories than before.

With my personal trainer's help, my body is more toned and trimmer without putting on bulky muscle mass.

My body fat used to be 32% and now it has been reduced to an excellent healthy level of 18.7%. With a proper diet and exercise, I have lost 26kg of fat without jeopardizing my muscle mass. Some of my relatives and friends could not recognize me after my body has transformed and some of them could not stop giving positive feedback on my new look.

My personal trainer has made me change into a better person. Being slimmer, I feel more confident with my different outfit. My self-esteem is boosted and I can carry myself with grace.



I got to know Gary about 4 years ago from a local gym. As I wanted a healthy and lean body, I approached him to become my personal trainer. Under his tutelage, I have lost 8kg and successfully maintained my weight at a healthy 66kg. Gary has always been inspiring, encouraging and motivating, not only as a professional gym trainer but also as a friend to me.

Ian Ling