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  • May 2005 to Present:
    Freelance dancer, teaching pilates, body conditioning, fitness, contemporary dance, modern jazz, dance sport, ballet, hip hop, creative movement, and music movement at various primary, secondary schools and dance company.

  • May 2008 to August 2008:
    Assistant choreographer for National Day Parade 2008, ACT 2 Scene2, Bukit Batok Secondary School.

  • December 2007:
    Performed in "Snow White" by Cheng Ballet Academy

  • May 2007 - August 2007:
    Assistant choreographer for National Day Parade 2007, Possibicity, Source of Life, Clementi PrimarySchool.

  • September 2005 - September 2006:
    Taught baby ballet, pre-primary and primary classes at Crestar, Yamaha, Singapore.

  • December 2006:
    Attended summer school of Royal Academy of Dance.

  • May 2005:
    Attended summer school of Commonwealth Society Teaching Development (Jazz dance, grade 6).

  • July 2003 - July 2004:
    Student representative for foundation year of Dance Department, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

  • December 2003:
    Volunteered to teach basic jazz and assist in teaching Chinese dance in Chai Yun Fei Dance Studio, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.


  • 27 to 29 March 2008
    Dance Performing Collaborator for "In the Name of Dance" by Tan How Choon, ECNAD, at Play Den, The Arts House.

  • July 2007 to present:
    Performed Cost-Tune-Mean, Arts Education Program 2007 and 2008 (ECNAD).

Rachel has performed in productions at Lasalle College of the Arts and Singapore Dance Festival 2006. Some of the productions include:

  • 3 - 5 May 2007:
    Fly with me - performed "Four legs in the morning, two at noon, three at night" choreographed by Loretta Livingston (Artistic Director of Loretta Livingston and Dancers, a contemporary dance performance ensemble).

  • 3 - 4 November 2006:
    Trace - performed "Comb" choreographed by Ricky Sim and "Shutters" choreographed by Jaime Redfern.

  • 16 October 2006:
    Scream and Whispers - performed "Comb" choreographed by Ricky Sim and "Shutter" choreographed by Jaime Redfern.

  • July 2003 - June 2006:
    Performed "I Think It Was About The Last Geisha", "Embellishment", "Interruptions Alterations", and "Mutations Not By Choice But By Circumstance" choreographed by Lee Mun Wai.

  • February 2005:
    Chingay Parade of the Dreams performance.

  • August 2003:
    Performed jazz item choreographed by Dino Y.B. at Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Annual Dinner and Dance.


  • April 2007:
    Choreographed "There is love, there is hope", a collaboration of dance and film.

  • November 2007:
    Choreographed "Always from the heart of the mother".

  • December 2003:
    Choreographed Jazz dance "Rhythm of the night" for Chai Yun Fei Dance Studio, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Item was presented during the celebration of Miri as resort city and during the studio yearly showing in 2003.