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Personal Training

It is widely acknowledged that having your own personal trainer is the quickest and safest way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Not only does it ensure that you exercise in the safest and most effective way possible, but it also gives you variety, encouragement and motivation to complete your workouts and overcome your fitness plateau

What does Personal Training(PT) involve?

  • Fitness assessment -- including medical & fitness history, girth measurement, fat analysis using bodystats medical device (http://www.ezfit.com.sg/bodystats.shtml) and Blood pressure(BP)
  • Setting fitness goals
  • Individually supervised workouts
  • Body stretching
  • Monitoring your fitness
  • Fitness Reassessment

Our trainers are specializing in:

Weight Loss/Gain
Body Toning and Sculpting
Strength and Endurance Training
Improving Sport Performance
Passing NAFA Test
Increasing energy level
Group Aerobics Classes
Body Massaging
Sports Coaching
Nutrition Counseling
And more¡­..

Where can we train

You can train in either ClubFits situated around Singapore, NTUC gyms, corporate gyms, condominium gyms, any gym that allows private coaches to train their members.

Here is some of our certification where we are from

  • NYP-Sport & Wellness Management
  • ACSM-American College of Sports Medicine
  • ACE-American Council on Exercise
  • AFPA-American Fitness Professionals and Associates
  • FISAF-Federation International Sports Aerobics and Fitness
  • SSC-Singapore Sports Council

Our Personal Training Packages

  • For training in Condos and Clubs

    One on one
    1 session: $120
    5 sessions: $500
    10 sessions: $900
    20 sessions: $1700

    Buddy Training (2 Pax)
    5 sessions: $800
    10 sessions: $1400

  • For training in private houses

    One on one
    10 sessions: $1200

    Buddy Training (2 pax)
    10 sessions: $2000

No other hidden costs