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  • Conducted Mass Yoga session- Yoga By Water on 22 April 2008
  • Assisted and contibuted in the Yoga Articles and featured in PURE Magazine April to June 2008
  • Assisted and contributed in the Yoga by nature in My paper 9 April 2008
  • PROFESSIONAL PROFILE 8 years in Health Care experience, working as an Professional Occupational Therapist with strong Neurological and Orthopaedics Rehabilitation skills.
  • Neurological areas: stroke, spinal cord injury and head injury
  • Orthopedics areas : Bone fracture
  • Professional Experience Mount Elizabeth Hospital Rehabilitation Therapy Department June 1999 to May 2007


  • Assessed, evaluated, identified client's physical, mental& psychological problem (both inpatient and outpatient ward)
  • Prioritised, set goals, designed treatment plan, activities and action plan for individual client's problem areas. Area of focus included of Activities of Daily Living.
  • Reassessed, reevaluated client's progress on a weekly or as needed basis.
  • Taught family/career skills needed to equip prior to discharge from hospital (eg bed mobility skills, proper body guidance and support, wheel chair transfers, participation and guidance in daily skills, home safety and outdoor/community management.
  • Worked closely with medical professional- physiotherapist, speech therapist, doctors, case-coordinator, nurse manager, nurses, (multi-disciplinary approach-weekly team meeting for client's progress.
  • Trained nurses in the rehabilitation areas for consistency in the rehabilitation therapy process.
  • Evaluated and prescribed assistive devices to maximise client's functional independency.
  • Performed home evaluation/home safety assessment.
  • Performed home therapy services for clients.
  • Participated in public education and talk on the roles of Occupational Therapist, home safety skills.
  • Participated in public education and talk on site Ergonomics and Work Station evaluation, assessment.
  • Performed, assessed and completed medical legal report on work man's compensation.
  • Assisted in the process of conducting and completing the workman's pre-employment assessment (project with Philip Chervon)
  • Supervised, managed and guided students during clinical attachment since 2001.
  • Performed community and home therapy services to nursing homes and client's home on a weekly basis since 2001.

During my eight years of experiences, I have worked with people of all ages (children to elderly) and some unique experiences with bomb blast victim (Bali) and VIP clients (ministers of Indonesia etc).