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GX Description

Dance Group Fitness


Groove & funk your way to the latest hip hop dance moves & music mixes with Luis Pinto. This class will take you on an exciting journey challenging you to learn then progress basic steps, into a finale like no other. Funk-FIT will have you feeling like a professional dancer!

Jam Fit

A funky fusion of dance & aerobic moves, that blends latin, hip hop, funk, & the latest chart topping music in one awesome class. Work up a sweat, and have some serious hip shaking fun!

Latin Fusion

Salsa, Mambo, or Cha-Cha, these are just a few of the dance moves that you'll learn and use in this "sizzling" south of the border workout. The combinations are "hot" and the rhythms are "Strictly Latin!"

Pole Dancing

The dancer's pole isn't just for professionals anymore. This challenging and sexy class combines intense upper body and core strength, coordination, and balance to turn even the shyest performers into toned and sultry vixens.

Belly Dance

Tone your tummy and tighten your torso as you swivel your way to a sexy new waist and are the ultimate activity for developing fitness, grace, timing and self-esteem

Hip-Hop Bhangra

Classic Hindi & Hip-Hop moves and music make for an exciting calorie burning journey.

Krumpin' is back! This time, the fast, seizure-like style of dance is paired with Twerkin', classic stripper moves that have you shakin' what'cha momma gave yaˇ­and then some.

Fusion Jazz

Jazz fusion (or "jazz-rock fusion" or "fusion") is a musical genre that merges elements of jazz with other styles of music, particularly pop, rock, folk, reggae, funk, metal, R&B, hip hop, electronic music and world music.

Cardio Fusion

An aspect of dance fitnes that provides both a mental and physical workout while fostering on sheer exhilaration. This class combines the intricacy of hip-hop dance with the intensity of a cardio-funk workout!

Cardio Groove

Combines traditional cardio moves with dance choreography for 60 min of non-stop groove!


Feel your body with tenderness and indulge yourself into the world of sexiness and hot wet cardio. This class takes Striptease to the next level with the body bar as your prop. Oh yeah, we'll make you sweat.

Holistic Health Group Fitness

Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance is a new yoga routine that is exclusive to ezfit! The unique routine is also known as Vinyasa Flow. Participants will learn and develop the ability to move naturally from one posture to another in an uninterrupted stream of poses. Thus, uniting the mind, body, breath and creative intelligence. The essence of the dance is to support the flow of the moves with our body and mind so that we may fully appreciate the joy of simply being alive.

Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic style of yoga, emphasizing on breathing & awareness, encouraging detoxification & assists in the development & maintenance of suppleness, balance, strength, & relaxation. Suitable for beginners & experienced participants.

Gentle Yoga

A very gentle, slow and flowing style of yoga that emphasizes breathing & relaxation techniques, while improving muscle strength & control, posture, balance, flexibility and mental awareness. Suitable for older participants and those with no previous experience with yoga.

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga

you've mastered the basic movements and sequences in Vinyasa Yoga, you'll be ready to try our more advanced form of Yoga, with Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga. A dynamic yoga class suitable for competent yoga participants with previous experience.

PIlates Express

Hop onto the fast track for 30-minutes of the most intense Pilates exercises. Connect with your abs, butt, hips and legs to create strength and length with results faster than being in the HOV lane.

Ashtanga Yoga (The Basics)

Ashtanga yoga is a flowing sequence of postures joined together by the breath and a set of movements called 'vinyasa'. This style of yoga has an emphasis on using the breath to lead the movement and to help the body to relax. This class will help to develop body awareness, strength and flexibility, while promoting relaxation and a growing awareness of the inner self. This class if perfect for beginners to yoga, or for participants looking for a less strenuous and less dynamic style of yoga.

Basic Pilates

Pilates leads to better posture, improved flexibility, increased overall strength, better balance, joint stability and improved focus through basic mat work exercises. Suitable for all ages and fitness abilities.

Virgin Yoga

You never forget your first time and we hope you remember everything you learn in this fundamental introduction to yoga. This is the perfect class for those who are brand new to the practice or experienced yogis who want a refresher in the basics.

Intermediate Pilates

The intermediate class adds variations to the basic mat class through use of props such as Swiss ball, roller and Dura disks and advancement of mat based movements. This is a challenging and stimulating class for those competent with the 'basic' moves. Pilates experience necessary before participating in class.

A.B.T. Pilates

This Pilates based workout will isolate and work deep into the muscles of the butt, thighs and abs. Using the Pilates technique you will have a great external physic and strong core stabilising muscles as well, making this class a must for all women and men.

Just Mum-Yoga

For all the moms in the house, this class teaches breathing and relaxation techniques along with muscle strengthening exercise to deepen your connection with your body and baby. It's a safe, gentle practice for both pre-and post-natal.

Martial Arts Style Classes Group Fitness


A martial art style disciplines with an addictive mix of kickboxing, tai chi, karate, & self defense routines that will leave you feeling strong, energized & confident.


Toning & Strength Group Fitness

Bounce & Shape! (New Class)

An exclusive class by ezFIT, Bounce & Shape is a class focusing on exercises on the fitball - an indispensable tool to fitness trainers. During the class, participants get to learn the full range of cardio, toning and flexibility exercises on the fitball. Roll yourself into shape with ezFIT's Bounce & Shape today!

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics, a type of fitness training that has its origin in the United States, is an exercise that rides on the benefit of hydrostatic pressure and is popular among people of different gender, age, and fitness levels. Exercising in the water is a very different sensation than when exercising on the land. Among the list benefits are, it has low or even no impact on our joints; effective and comfortable for special populations including, pregnant participants, and seniors, as well as special conditions such as, obesity, asthma, and arthritics. Working in the water also increased blood flow in a relatively nice and slow environment. Despite so, aqua aerobics is more efficient burning of calories than similar land-based workout sessions.

Dynamic Abs, Butts & Thighs-Abt

An intense and dynamic 45mins workout that helps create those washboard stomachs, butts of steel and shapely legs! Suitable for all skill levels.


Create a leaner, stronger more flexible body using classic sculpting and stretching techniques.


Burn fat and tone your body with this blend of cardio and strength-training using a variety of equipment like step, resistance bands and medicine balls, to get a strong, sleek body.

Cardio Dance Blast

A hot and sweaty dance party with the best hip-hop, reggae and popular music. This non-stop, 60 minute workout will melt away fat while boosting your dance skills like never before.


Conditioning your body using your own body weight with a mixture of cardio dance moves to a new height of body endurance! Do expect a lot of static in your moves!


READY for a non stop cardio with motivating non-stop music with your hands full in this non-stop, easy-to-follow class using light weights that you'll never put down