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Improving Golf Perfromance:

More Consistency And Accuracy; Less Strokes And Injuries

Many professional golfers such as Tiger Wood have realized the importance of golf-specific exercising and stretching. . If you want to hit the ball further with more consistency, you need to build a stronger more fluid swing.

Ezfit has developed a training program specifically to strengthen and improve a golfer's game. By adding resistance training and increasing the intensity of a training/stretching program designed to work the specific muscles used in the case of golf that means finding a way to add resistance, or strength training to your specific golf swing.

Average strength golfers can certainly build up to the heavy resistance as they gain more strength and power.

Our program includes strengthening and conditioning the key muscles groups needed to generate a powerful golf swing and while at the same time maintaining your flexibility through stretching.

The program mainly targeted on strengthening the muscles used in golf, including the rotator cuff region of the shoulder, hips, back, chest and abdominal muscles

The golfers will go through different training stages in term of intensity and complexity of the program to make sure the basic level of core foundation is being achieved before training to the next more difficult exercises.

Our equipment also involves fitball (Swiss ball), med ball, rubber tubing, and stability board which are safe and easy to use which can be practice at almost everywhere including your home. Such equipment provides functional training as compare to static training which may not be helpful in your golf's game.

What we expect from our program:

  • Improve club control and shot accuracy
  • Improve strength to add distance to your shots
  • Develop better core stability and technical posture
  • Develop proper swing habits and muscle memory
  • Reduce injuries

Our training package:

10 sessions @$1200 (for private house training)
10 sessions @ 900 (for condos and private clubs)

Each session is approximately 1 hour

Sign up for our program today and receive a $50 Spa voucher at Julique Day Spa.

* This program is subjected to the availability of our professional trainers and accessibility of our client's place